5 Tips for SSB lecturette

5 Tips for SSB Lecturette preparation, with 20 Lecturette topics

5 Tips for SSB Lecturette preparation

5 Tips for SSB lecturette

In the SSB, Lecturette happens on the first day of the GTO. Every candidate must provide a lecturette on a topic. There are three minutes allotted for preparation and another three minutes for the talk. Each card has four themes, and the candidate must select one.

5 Tips for SSB Lecturette in Haldwani

Here are the 5 tips for SSB Lecturette

  1. Give a short introduction, the real significance and nature of the issue you have chosen, a thoughtful analysis of its rise in human history, both positive and negative impacts, and, if you can, a tiny sample that shows your point of view.
  2. Create an outline of the things you have to say: Use the three minutes you have been allotted to draw up an outline of the key points you need to make. Just keep in mind the essential points. and arrange those points in a sequence.
  3. Avoid long, lengthy descriptions; there isn’t much time, and the information needs to be heard properly. So avoid adding a long description. You can avoid becoming bogged down in your own arguments and save time by going point to point.
  4. Utilize data and facts to back up your arguments – The lecturette must be backed up with data, examples, and facts. This raises the quality of your content and demonstrates your degree of knowledge.
  5. Don’t look at the assessors, and address the whole group while delivering the lecturette. You can excel in this by practicing in front of the mirror, or by taking part in our daily SSB practice platform, where candidates have to deliver one Lecturette every day.

5 Tips for SSB lecturette preparation

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20 Latest SSB Lecturette topics 

1) Indian Judicial System
2) Indo-Russia relations
3) Indian Penal Code
4) Road Accidents
5) Women Reservation bill
6) Higher Education
7) UCC
8) Health Tourism
9) Indian Railways
10) Part time jobs
11) Social Media
12) Israel Hamas conflict
13) Terrorism in Pakistan
14) War games
15) ASAT Capability
16) Gaganyaan mission
17) India-Philippines relation
18) Cryptocurrency
19) Elections in India
20) Electoral Bonds
2024 Latest SSB lecturette topics
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