7 uniquely interesting facts about NDA

7 Uniquely interesting facts about NDA

7 Uniquely interesting facts about NDA, Pune.

“Service Before Self” is the motto of the National Defence Academy (NDA), the world’s first combined military institute that prepares cadets for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Some of you have always wanted to attend this prestigious institution. It is said that youngsters are transformed into warriors at NDA.

The fact that three Param Vir Chakra holders and twelve Ashok Chakra awards are among the NDA graduates shows how the academy has consistently upheld its high standards.

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7 Uniquely interesting facts about NDA

So here are, 7 interesting facts about the NDA

  1. Sudan donated money to India in recognition of the soldiers’ service to Sudan during World War II, and the NDA was established. Sudan Block is the name given to the academy’s main structure as a result.
  2. The first Indian astronaut, Rakesh Sharma, was the alumnus of the National Defence Academy.
  3. More than 28 friendly nations send applicants to the institution for training.
  4. For NDA cadets, There is a unique holiday train called the “NDA special.” The train travels from Delhi to Pune.
  5. Asia’s largest mess is the cadet mess at the academy.
  6. The NDA has also made it possible for women to enroll in the academy.
  7. NDA alumni currently serve as the chief of staff for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Thank you for reading this article, hope this motivates you to work harder and join the prestigious academy.

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